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mesothelioma chemotherapy

Reading List for People on Chemotherapy


Facing Cancer Together: How to Help Your Friend or Loved One

You hear that a friend has cancer. You want to help, but you're not entirely sure how. Pamela Brown, a cancer survivor, suggests the many ways you can help by your words and actions. In addition to a wealth of practical suggestions, Facing Cancer Together includes entries from the author's journals, as well as Bible readings and prayers to share for support and comfort.

Exercises for Chemotherapy Patients

Studies show that, on average, chemotherapy patients who incorporate exercise into their lives have shorter hospital stays, experience a lesser decline in physical functioning, report significantly less fatigue and emotional distress, and enjoy a higher quality of life during treatment.

Now these benefits are available to every chemotherapy patient. Written by an oncologist and an exercise physiologist, I>Exercises for Chemotherapy Patients is the very first at-home exercise program designed especially for those on chemotherapy.

The therapeutic benefits of exercise are real. As patients develop strength through exercise, they gain emotional strength. Setting a goal of wellness—and taking action toward that goal—is the first step in becoming a cancer survivor. 100 b/w photos.

Patient Education Guide to Oncology Drugs (Book with CD-ROM)

Covering approximately 200 of the most common cancer treatment and symptom management medications, this reference work features instruction sheets describing how each drug works, how it is administered, side effects, and other related information. A companion CD-ROM allows users to customize the instruction sheets for specific clinical situations. The book is bound, but the pages are perforated for easy removal and are hole-punched for insertion into a three-ring binder.

The Human Side of Cancer: Living with Hope, Coping with Uncertainty

For more than twenty years, Dr. Holland has pioneered the study of psychological problems of cancer patients and their families -- whom she calls "the real experts." In The Human Side of Cancer, she shares what she has learned from all of them about facing this life-threatening illness and what truly helps along the cancer journey. This book is the next best thing to sitting in Dr. Holland's office and talking with her about the uncertainty and anxiety elicited by this disease. And it is a book that inspires hope -- through stories of the simple courage of ordinary people confronting cancer.

Cancer Clinical Trials (Patient-Centered Guides)

Author Robert Finn, a science and medical journalist, believes that if you are not evaluating potential experimental treatments alongside the standard treatment protocols, you aren't considering all the facts you need. Cancer Clinical Trials is aimed at helping you consider the range of treatment options available through clinical trials -- treatments that may not be available any other way. It includes:
Reasons to consider a trial (as well as reasons to decide against one)
Structure of clinical trials and ethical guidelines
Administration of trials (and what are the interests and involvement of players such as the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, the NCI, scientists)
Inclusion and exclusion criteria for joining a trial
Reading the trial protocol
Hard questions to ask yourself and your doctor
Interviews from researchers and patients



Professionally oriented

Handbook of Cancer Chemotherapy

A practical guide to the safe administration of chemotherapeutic drugs, the Fourth Edition covers all aspects of this treatment. Focusing on specific plans of treatment, the book's compact size and outline format make it an easy-to-use reference in the day-to-day management of cancer patients, as well as a thorough review of the principles and goals of therapy.

Cancer Chemotherapy Handbook

Provides a practical guide to chemotherapeutic treatment and care. this manual is the ideal pocket guide for all members of the cancer management team.

Lippincott's Cancer Chemotherapy Handbook

Concise yet comprehensive, this practical reference is designed as a softbound handbook for ease of use. Practicing nurses, physicians, IV therapists, and other oncology healthcare providers will gain quick alphabetical access to essential information on cancer drugs and drug administration. Unique features include a section presenting guidelines for: safe drug handling and administration, management of side effects, home care guidelines, and a main section presenting alphabetically organized chemotherapeutic drug monographs. Practicing oncology professionals will find this guide to be full of current content not found in other resources.




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