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mesothelioma chemotherapy

Implantable chemotherapy treatments

Designed to deliver the chemotherapy medication called carmustine, the Gliadel® wafer can be placed and left inside the cavity created after a brain tumor (especially glioblastoma multiforme) is surgically removed. This special carmustine wafer formulation allows doctors to administer the drugs exactly at the site of occurrence of the brain tumor. After removing the cancerous tissues from the brain, the surgeon places up to 8 wafers (dime-sized) inside the surgical cavity, the space that was earlier occupied by the tumor. The wafers continue to dissolve over the next two to three weeks, delivering the chemo medication to the surrounding cells. The objective of this treatment procedure is to destroy cancer cells that may remain after surgery.

Topical chemotherapy treatments

To treat certain types of skin cancer, some chemotherapy creams are administered directly to the skin surface. Absorbed via the skin, the cream eventually reaches the cancerous lesion. However, use of topical medications for the treatment of cancer is fairly limited.


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